Noticias: Draft framework for the Whakatane Mechanism open for feedback by IUCN members

21 Agosto de, 2012

A draft Framework for the Whakatane Mechanism has been developed jointly by the IUCN secretariat, IUCN-CEESP, IUCN-SPICEH and FPP with feedback by many others and based on the experience of the two pilot Assessments in Thailand and Kenya. The aim is to circulate it within IUCN for wider feedback in order to agree on a final Framework by the end of the World Conservation Congress in Jeju. The draft Framework (available here) includes suggestions in track changes to facilitate a final agreement at WCC5. If you are an IUCN Member and you'd like to provide feedback, please send comments or text suggestions in track changes to by 30 August. The details of the functioning of the Mechanism start on page 10. We look forward to receiving your input and ideas.

To find out more about the Whakatane Mechanism visit its website.


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Mar, 08/21/2012 - 12:31
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